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Hardened Acrylic NanoSilica-Reinforced Resin Teeth

3 layered hardened acrylic teeth that replicates the detailed anatomy and organic beauty of natural teeth.


Unique NanoSilica-Reinforced PMMA is integrated into the polymer network that result in the excellent

mechanical qualities of the teeth.

> Three layer hardened acrylic resin teeth.

> Superior hardness and abrasion resistance.

> High bonding strength.

> Easy tooth set up.




by Andreas Nolte


DD contrast® creates illusion

DD contrast® is a color and texture system based on glaze ceramic masses. It forms a perfect color world with our zirconium oxides and is also perfectly suitable for lithium disilicate. The combination of DD contrast® color and DD contrast® texture gives monolithic restorations color intensity with a vivid depth effect. In a minimum layering of 0.1 – 0.2 mm, this illusion of depth of a natural tooth is created in a very short time.

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